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We want to make mental health services safer.
Would you like to share anonymously your experiences of seeking support? We collect & publishing them on this website. Together our testimonies have the potential to change things for the better.
Please click the link to submit your story.

 Or, if you would like to read other people's stories please click here.


Will We Be Heard? is survivor led. It was started following personal experiences of being harmed in talking therapy.

Our Mission 

We are committed to trying to make mental health services safer. 

Our Aims 


1. To create a space where people can post anonymous testimonies of their mental health service experiences, both helpful & harmful. This will not only help the voices of those harmed be heard, but also celebrate the work of many talented, ethical, mental health professionals who (often profoundly) positively affect people's lives!

2. To lobby for protected title for, “psychotherapist” & “counsellor” in the UK. Anyone can currently use these titles. Restricting use to those with recognised professional qualifications, will help enhance patient/client safety.

3. To lobby for statutory regulation of UK counselling and psychotherapy. The current voluntary system is fragmented, inconsistent and ineffective. 

4. To provide high quality information to therapists and patients/clients to support safe therapy. 


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