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 Share Your Story 

If you would like to share your experiences of any type of mental health service/support as a patient/client or supervisee, please submit your testimony below.
The submission form is anonymous. Please do not include your name, that of any other person (including any mental health professionals) or the name of any organisation or location where events occurred.
If names or specific details are included which might compromise anonymity, we will be unable to retain or post your testimony. 

*By providing your consent & sharing your story you are also agreeing:

1. To the condition of anonymity for yourself & all other people/organisations mentioned in your testimony.

2. Not to copy testimonies (or parts thereof) on this site with the intention of re-posting them elsewhere so that previously anonymous details could be revealed. 

3. Testimonies may be subject to minor edits or be abridged. 

Will We Be Heard? does not support the naming of any people involved; these testimonials are not a substitute for reporting to a governing/regulatory body, other relevant organisation or the police. 

*Organisation as used here includes any: business; not-for-profit; charity; component of government; educational, military of religious establishment; or any other relevant institution. 

We reserve the right not to publish testimonies. Will We Be Heard has taken steps to ensure personal data are not collected, processed or stored whilst submitting testimonies & that submissions cannot be linked back to their source. Please find a copy of our Privacy Policy here** Will We Be Heard? is based in the UK, but we are collecting stories from around the world. However, we want to identify which stories relate to UK provision as these have the potential to be used to help inform UK mental health policy. 

A huge thank you for submitting your story!


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